zeilschepen bij een klif, prent van Japanse kunstenaar Hiroshige
View on Suruga bay and the Kokufu cliff with sailing ships, dated 1825-1835. Hiroshige (I), Utagawa. Courtesy Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, object number RP-P-1971-41

Find a taste of home in Amstelveen

You have set sails to foreign lands. And here you are now. In this country where bicycles outnumber inhabitants, where public transportation is well organized but trains tend to a no-show in winter. Where the weather is quite unpredictable and for that reason everyone seems to talk about it all the time. Plenty of cheese and tulips as well.

When it comes to food, there are of course some typical  Dutch foods you must try. Fresh herring, bitterballen, stroopwafels (syrup waffles), poffertjes (small puffy pancakes), drop (liquorice), frietjes (chips, french fries), oliebollen (doughnut-like, traditionally eaten on 31th December), ossenworst (raw beaf saucage, served with pickles) and filet americain (best match: steak tartare spread). In fact, we could procuce a far more longer list!


Amstelveen is expat-hotspot

Amstelveen can be described as an expat-hotspot in The Netherlands. At present fifteen percent of the 85.000 inhabitants are expats from all parts of the world. Close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, even closer to the Zuidas (financial and business centre) Amstelveen is one of the prime business locations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. To the Amsterdam city centre it’s a comfortable twenty minutes bus-ride. Especially for families Amstelveen has a lot to offer, including an International School and very good sports facilities.

Do as the locals do. Find out where they buy the best bread, the tastiest cheese and fresh fruits and vegetables. Try the biological market, on Tuesdays located at the square where is the shopping area (Stadshart). Great for fish, dairy products and all sorts of greens including herbs. When it comes to meat, do feel most welcome to meet our dedicated team.


Our store: meat, poultry, game and delicatessen

We are proud to offer our expat customers almost everything they come and ask for. Our butchery and delicatessen is reknowned for quality as well as service. We personally know most of our customers. A fabulous Black Angus steak, Iberico pork steaks and saucages, Italian and Spanish cured ham, cold cuts, salads, tapas and pickles, delicious home-made dishes – the very best only. Game is available in season and on special request. Daily specials of course and this typical Dutch thing – the ‘belegde broodje’ (a very tasty sandwich). We open at 07.30 am, enabling the early birds to grab their breakfast-to-go. It goes without saying all orders can be booked in advance.

Home is where the heart is. Yes, this holds true, undoubtely. Yet, good food really can make a difference. It helps to make you feel at home in a foreign country. At first, shopping for your daily necessities can be quite amusing. You enter the store, let’s assume this is a butchery, with your shopping list. What you see is definitively not the familiar steak or whatsoever. An awkward feeling creeps up your back because now you have to ask. And what is that piece of meat called anyway, in Dutch that is? Your family’s favorite stew calls for a specific part of meat, not any part. Please explain your wishes, we take pride in meeting our customer’s expectations.


Breakfast saucages and more

What’s for breakfast? Away from what you called home before you came here, the appetite for those delicious breakfast saucages and black pudding did not stay behind. We are happy with our suppliers of course and mention our Dave Cunningham who makes fresh British and other style saucages, and much more. We do understand  that craving for those homely dishes and tastes. Come and find your pork shoulder for a fine Sunday’s roast!


Roignons and more

Or maybe you are from France, longing desperately for an occasion to treat your new Dutch friends to the family’s old time favorite dish: roignons flambées. They served an equally good ‘zuurkool’ last time. It made you cook several ‘stamppot’ dishes, mashing the ingredients like the Dutch. Quick and tasty meals. But you miss the roignons. The buttery soft veal cutlets.


Sauerbraten and more

Last week a mother, two toddlers unpatiently pulling her coat, pondered over the question if our butchery had that specific meat needed for ‘Sauerbraten’. An elaborate dish, the meat must be marinated for two or three days. But it’s absolutely worth the effort. And yes, we can help you out.


Shabu-shabu and more

Amstelveen has its own Cherry Blossom festival. The local hospital operates both a Japan desk and an Indian desk. The town has a Japanese dentist as well as a Japanese nursery school. Fourty percent of the Japanese expats in The Netherlands are living in Amstelveen, with well organized clubs, meetings, business opportunities and social gatherings. The Japanese kitchen – if one may refer to it in singular – is a feast of delicacy and elegance in its presentation. What we can offer, regarding the preparation is equally good meat. Thinly sliced, cut in the right way. All you need for a tasty nabemono, including shabu-shabu. Or ramen, yakiniku and teppanyaki.


restaurant in de buitenlucht, Japan, prent van Japanse kunstenaar Hiroshige
Restaurant Kawachiya in Yanagibashi, Ryogoku, Hiroshige (I), Utagawa, dated 1835-1840. Courtesy Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, object number RP-P-1971-42


Good food means using the right and the best ingredients. It all starts here. Take a look at our Products-section (in Dutch) to get an impression.

For orders and special requests please send us an e-mail or get in touch with us by phone. Or drop by. We’re located at the Rembrandtweg 411 in Amstelveen.

E-mail: info@slagerijdrenthe.nl

Phone: +31 (0)20 64 59 993



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